Talks by Alan Kay

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Title Date Venue Type VPRI Record
Rethinking Design, Risk, and Software at COFES April 13th, 2012 Scottsdale, Arizona, USA Talk
A Conversation with Alan Kay June 28th, 1989 Interview VPRI-0470
Alan Kay at Computerland October, 1991 Talk VPRI-0629
Back to the Future of Software Development by Alan Kay and David Smith APril, 23rd 2003 Mountain View, CA USA Talk VPRI-0785
Alan Kay at the Getty Conference April 26th, 1991 Talk VPRI-0142, 0205, 0283
Computer Applications: A Dynamic Medium for Creative Thought by Alan Kay 1972 Talk VPRI-0893
The Dynabook/Past, Present and the Future part 1 January 9th, 1986 Palo Alto, CA Talk VPRI-0930
The Dynabook/Past, Present and the Future part 2 January 9th, 1986 Palo Alto, CA Talk VPRI-0930
A talk at Coors Television by Alan Kay late 1986 or early 1987 Talk VPRI-0035
Education in the Digital Age 1998 Interview VPRI-0673
Kids & COMPUTERS: What's a parent to do? September 21st, 1991 Cambridge, MA USA Talk VPRI-0441
A Vision of New Age with Alan Kay 1988 California, USA Talk VPRI-0224
User Group University talk 1987 Talk VPRI-0102
Seminar with Alan Kay on Object Oriented Programming Talk VPRI-0246
Alan Kay at TED 1982 1982 Talk VPRI-0009
Alan Kay at MacFest May 20, 1985 Talk VPRI-0012
Alan Kay at Pacific Northwest Bell Technology Forum October 3rd Talk VPRI-0141
An Interview with Dr. Alan Kay 1991 Interview VPRI-0146
End-User Programming March 21 1991 Talk VPRI-0147
Alan Kay Interview November, 1982 Interview VPRI-0164
LINC Twentieth Anniversary Symposium November 30, 1983 Talk VPRI-0227
Alan Kay at MIT Media Lab 5th Anniversary Event October 1st, 1990 Cambridge, MA USA Talk VPRI-0316
Alan Kay talk at BSO MultiMedia Group Holland Talk VPRI-0351
Alan Kay at IRC Conference Feb. 4, 1991 Talk VPRI-0320
Directions in Object-Oriented Programming From Actions to Agents Talk VPRI-0219
Defining Perspective, INEL Computing Symposium Sept. 10, 1991 Idaho Talk VPRI-0189
Alan Kay at UCLA April 7, 2016 Los Angeles, CA USA Talk
Alan Kay at MIT-EECS 1998 Fall Semester Colloquium Series 1998 Cambridge, MA USA Talk VPRI-0834
Alan Kay Talk at Open School 2001 Los Angeles, CA USA Talk VPRI-0989
Alan Kay at Stanford EE 380 class June 4th, 1997 Palo Alto, CA USA Talk VPRI-0796
Alan Kay at National School Board Association Meeting 1992 Talk VPRI-0628
Kids & COMPUTERS: What's a parent to do? Panel Session September 21st, 1991 Cambridge, MA USA Panel VPRI-0443
Joint House Congressional Committee Hearing July 15th, 1982 Washington DC Hearing VPRI-0530
Technology in Education House Committee October 12th, 1995 Washington DC Hearing VPRI-0614-1
Processors in Programming Languages Talk VPRI-0234
Alan Kay and Don Lewis at Camden Technology Conference January 4th, 2000 Talk VPRI-0714-1
BCS Mac Awards Banquet and MacTech Wizards Meeting August 10th, 1989 Talk VPRI-0357
Doing with Images Makes Symbols October 27th, 1987 Talk VPRI-0394
The Best Way to Predict the Future is to Invent it September 23rd, 1993 Palo Alto, CA USA Talk VPRI-0437
Delivering the Future March 2nd, 1994 Talk VPRI-0622
Alan Kay at Art Institute of Chicago Chicago, IL USA Talk VPRI-0624
Alan Kay at UCLA CS Department - Distinguished Lecturer Series April 13th, 1993 Los Angeles, CA USA Talk VPRI 0630
Alan Kay at 1994 World Economic Forum, Davos, Switzerland 1994 Davos, Switzerland Panel VPRI-0631
Alan Kay at ACM1 2001 San Jose, CA USA Talk VPRI-0654
The Dynabook -- Past, Present and Future January 9th, 1986 Palo Alto, CA Talk VPRI-0671
Alan Kay at The Association of American Medical Colleges November 10th, 1996 Talk VPRI-0697
Alan Kay at SD&M conference on Graphical User Interface 2001 Germany Talk VPRI-0713
Super Highway Summit at UCLA Los Angeles, CA USA Panel VPRI-0625
Alan Kay at Marshall McLuhan Lecture (2003) March 14 2003 Talk VPRI-0688
Alan Kay Presentation at HP Tech Con (2003) 2003 Talk VPRI-0726
International Forum on Multimedia Talk VPRI-0742
Tale of Two Schools: Technology in the Classroom (1999) June 4th 1999 TV VPRI-0747