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Welcome to Viewpoints Intelligent Archive!

We would like to collect and disseminate the interesting thoughts and ideas of Dr. Alan Kay. The Talks by Alan Kay page lists accessible movies, documents, and (soon) running simulations and demos linked with the talks and documents.

As of now, the Talks page has most of the known recordings. Many of the movies have auto-generated transcripts. Some movies have transcripts that have been cleaned up and annotated by knowledgeable collaborators. The goal is to have clean transcripts for all the movies and to add annotations. We would like to have the simulations and demos Alan used in his talks so that readers can access them.

To prevent spammers however, the creation of the user is limited. Please contact the administrator Yoshiki Ohshima at Yoshiki.Ohshima at acm dot org if you want to create an account and contribute to the site.

In the process of cleaning up spam contents, an account creation or page edit around January 15th may have been reverted accidentally. If your account or content disappear please let me know.

Talks by Alan Kay

Papers from Viewpoints Research Institute

Other Papers from Former Members of Viewpoints Research


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