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On the Talks page

The Talks by Alan Kay page is a list of talk movies by Alan Kay. The "Status" column shows either:

  • (blank): Only a link to the movie exists.
  • Stub: The machine generated transcript is used as a place holder.
  • Transcript: The Transcript is cleaned by human.
  • Annotated: (In addition to "Transcript", the movie's transcript is cleaned up, and annotated with relevant comments.

The first task for a movie with blank or Stub status is to edit the page so that:

  • The <subtitle>...</subtitle&gt tag surrounds proper sentences.
  • The timing of id="..." is within 1 second accuracy.

I'd like to solicit anybody who can take time to do this task for a movie you like.

The second task is to annotate such a page, and do general clean up. It is not to express your opinions, however. I think it is a good practice to stick to facts in annotation, and in general it is meant to be done by knowledgeable collaborators.


All relevant code is available at:

[1] It is a fork of the official EmbedVideo extension but mildly modified to support stationary movie screen and interactive captioning.