Smalltalk and OMeta, implemented in OMeta/JS

Instructions: the text area below (source) works just like a Smalltalk workspace. To evaluate some code, just select it and press the "do it" button. "Print it" is like "do it", but it also prints the result by sending it the printString message.

Once you have finished going through these examples, make sure you check out my Logo and Prolog interpreters.


Note: I have tested OMeta/JS on Firefox, Safari 3.0.4, and IE 7.0.5730.11. Please e-mail me if it doesn't work for you (don't forget to let me know what browser you are using).

Known quirks:
  • On Safari, ctrl+p and ctrl+d don't work.
  • On IE, ctrl+p works, but also makes a print dialog pop up.
  • On IE, the canvas examples don't work.

  • Acknowledgements:
  • the code for this user interface was adapted from Takashi Yamamiya's JavaScript Workspace.
  • thanks to Dan Ingalls for suggesting the Turtle example.

  • To learn more about OMeta, click here.